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Washington Plumbing License Requirements


Effective July 1, 2021, all journey level and residential specialty renewals will require 24 hours of continuing education consisting of:

A minimum of 12 hours of Uniform Plumbing Code (Code), PLUS

A minimum of 4 hours of Industry-Related Electrical (IRE).

The remaining 8 hours can be in any Code, IRE, or Industry-Related Plumbing (IRP) area.

Plumber trainees

You will be required during a two-year period to complete at least 8 hours of plumbing code and at least 4 hours of electrical trade related classes from the currently adopted Washington state plumbing and electrical codes. The remaining 4 hours may be plumbing or electrical trade related classes.You must complete at least 8 hours of continuing education every year to renew your certificate.

For example:If you take 8 hours of Code one year, the following year you must take a minimum of 4 hours of IRE, and another 4 hours in Code, IRE, or IRP.