Plumbing Code Courses

The American Plumbing Institute offers continuing education courses for
plumbers in Alaska, Washington, South Dakota, and Oregon.

Our State Approved Code courses for plumbers and trainees are based on
the states most current adopted code and can be used toward the renewal
of plumbing licenses in that state.

We report each individual course that is completed daily, 7 days a week
to Washington LnI and Oregon BCD. If you need proof in the way of a
certificate, those are issued instantly.

Plumbing CEU Courses

Specialty Plumbing Courses

Renew your plumbing license with ease and confidence using our state
approved ADA and state required specialty courses.

There is no need for extra books or material, each plumbing course is
self-contained and includes all referenced material. Renew your plumbing
license with ease and confidence.

Our courses fit your schedule with 24/7 unlimited access.

Specialty Plumbing Courses

Correspondence Code Courses

If a reliable connection to the internet is not possible using your smart phone, tablet, computer or other internet connected device, a paper version of our courses can be mailed to you. These courses can be ordered by calling our toll free number at 855-475-5374. One of our continuing education specialists will assist you in providing a custom course special specifically tailored to your licensing needs.

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