These courses are APPROVED by the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries.

Washington Plumbing Continuing Education – Home Study

License Requirements

All Journeymen and Residential Specialty Plumbers must complete 16 hours of continuing education within a 2-year renewal cycle. Plumber Trainees must complete 8 of the required 16 hours every year. All of these courses must be taken within the renewal cycle. The 16 hours must contain a minimum of 8 hours of code and a minimum of 4 hours of industry related electrical (IRE). The other 4 hours may come from any category (code, IRE, IRP). Here is a link to the state website:

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Plumbing Continuing Education Courses

Course No.CourseExpiresHoursPrice 
WA2020-4522018 UPC Update2/1/248 hrs (Code)$70
WA2019-047RCW/WAC (Industry Related Electrical)1/2/224 hrs (IRE)$35
WA2020-4542018 UPC Definitions2/1/244 hrs (Code)$35
WA2020-452 WA2019-047 WA2020-45416-hour Package Deal
Includes WA2020-452, WA2019-047, and WA2020-454
2/1/2416 hrs$125
SAVE $15!

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  2. Fax it to 888-246-9280