Alaska Plumbing Continuing Education – Online

License Requirements

Journeyman Plumbers are required to obtain 16 hours of continuing education within the 24 months immediately preceding renewal, of which at least 8 hours must be comprehensive UPC code or UPC code updates and 8 hours may be industry related. American Plumbing Institute offers a 16-hour package that will satisfy all of your continuing education requirements.

Mechanical Administrators are required to obtain 8 hours of UPC and or 8 hours of IMC continuing education depending on their license category every two years based on current state adopted codes or their later revisions. American Plumbing Institute’s 8 hour 2018 UPC Chapters 1-4 and 7-9 Courses will satisfy the continuing education requirements for mechanical administrators with UCIP or RPHH license categories.

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Plumbing Continuing Education Courses

Course No.CourseExpiresHoursPrice 
17605Alaska 2018 UPC Chapters 1-412/31/214 hrs$35Register Here
17606Alaska 2018 UPC Chapters 7-912/31/214 hrs$35Register Here
17604Alaska 2018 UPC Definitions12/31/214 hrs$35Register Here
11780ADA Plumbing Requirements12/31/214 hrs$35Register Here
16-hour Package Deal
All 4 approved courses above
12/31/2116 hrs$125Register Here

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